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Since we started in 2018, We have been dedicated to offering top-notch IT services with a personal touch. We use the latest technologies to provide you with the best solutions at great prices. From mobile app and web development to desktop software and cloud solutions, we've got all your tech needs covered.



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Dawn of a Desire

Our desire was not just like everyone else's. It was creative and innovative. Our objective was to provide creative solutions. Our approach at that time, and how we imagined our idea becoming a reality, were different. With a dream and a passion in mind, we set out to provide local needs on an international level.

In our more than five years of functioning, we've seen it all. We've experienced both potholes and cloud nine. You see what we see. We understand, so don't worry.

We have adapted and moved towards scalable solutions, we have established numerous relationships across departments and sectors, these relationships have sustained us over the years. We are able to be your dependable partner throughout the whole customer journey because of the connections and experiences we have built with our wide range of clients. It is inevitable that we will collaborate and exchange concepts, strategies, and most importantly, life experiences. We will undoubtedly work together and share ideas, tactics, and most importantly, experiences from our lives.


Starting a business from scratch is challenging. We know; we've been there. We assist our clients in launching their own businesses in order to save them a few obstacles in the path.


Our goal is to produce superior work. Our objective is to deliver evident outcomes. Still, without a solid foundation of trust, nothing succeeds. We perfectly understand it.


We think that success requires unity. It is a great business culture that allows us to stay motivated and go above and beyond large paychecks.

Expert Team

The backbone of both our and your success is our people. Creating an environment that encourages their growth is what takes us from values to victory.


Without determination, efforts won't bring positive results. Furthermore, without enjoyment in one's profession, dedication is absent. Evidently, we most certainly do..


Our group is not a pot. It is soil, ready to be shaped and cast into any shape you like. It is adaptable and prepared to take on new difficulties as they emerge.

Our Mission

Our mission is to motivate companies to embrace and transition to more modern technology by providing them with a responsible partner that takes pride in the success of its clients. We promote digital transformation using end-to-end solutions that help companies across the world. Through great value and solid partnerships, we strive for monetary milestones, client expansion, and market presence, achieving our clients' aspirations.


Our Vision

Our vision is to empower businesses and spark collaboration for a thriving, interconnected world. Pioneering innovation with customized IT solutions, we envision a future where businesses succeed on technology. Our constant commitment to quality, long-lasting relationships, and limitless opportunities for expansion revolutionize the world wide technology landscape. Connecting globally, we envision a world where creative solutions unite communities. We aim to foster lasting relationships and inspire change across sectors.

Why Choose Us

Reason for chosen us

Data Protection

We protect your data using modern methods to keep it safe from breaches and illegal access. Our focus is on modern techniques ensures that your information is always secure and private.

Robust Security

We make software that's really secure. It stops hackers by using strong encryption and watching out for threats before they happen, keeping everything safe.

Privacy Assurance

We make sure your privacy is a top priority. We use thorough threat assessments and strong encryption. By following global rules like GDPR, we handle and safeguard your data responsibly and securely.

Guaranteed Support

We provide a three-month post-delivery support guarantee for our development work, and we quickly identify and resolve any issues to preserve system performance and customer satisfaction.

Trusted Expertise

Our team, with deep skills in development, consistently delivers top-tier solutions across diverse industries, ensuring high-quality results. We create great solutions just for you, making sure you are successful throughout the process.

Strict NDA

To protect your intellectual property and sensitive information, we enforce strict NDAs throughout our development process, ensuring complete confidentiality.

Do you want to explore our outstanding work?

As a top IT business, we always design unique, modern solutions. Learn about the route we take with our clients to transform their concepts into flawless, customized solutions.

Inspiring Words from

Clients of Us.

Web and Mobile App Development

The team at Yeasitech is highly skilled and very responsive. They have been great communicators, working closely as a team and I’ve seen our partnership continue to build.

Trevor White

Founder, CoachFirst

E-Commerce Development

We’ve been dealing with Kazi professionally for over 2 years now and can not fault him. He is extremely well versed in eCommerce work, Mobile app Development and overall providing IT solutions for modern day issues. I highly recommend Kazi if you’re looking to further your projects or business!

Darren Howard

Director, Cohesion

Financial SaaS development

Kazi and his team were amazing. I have worked with him for MVP, and the results were great! They were pleasant to work with, gave me very useful feedback on my project, and were willing to accommodate some last minute scheduling issues. Excellent service overall. I highly recommend you to work with Yeasitech.

Chris Choi

Founder, Artoh

Fitness App Development

YeasiTech team helped us build our flagship app, Empeal. Working with YeasiTech was a brilliant experience. The team was knowledgeable and they were to the point with time and delivery. What I liked most is that they were not hesitant to propose better ways.
Wonderful people to work with for any technical requirement.

Aurobinda De img
Aurobinda De

Founder, La Morks

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