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YeasiTech doesn't simply create apps for Android and iOS but also exceptional mobile experiences that truly bring ideas to life.

From initial concept creation and in-depth user research to final product release and beyond, we cover every step of the mobile app development process for you. Use our bespoke mobile app development services to create innovative and user-friendly applications.

services image | Yeasitech
services image | Yeasitech

Professional Mobile Application Development Service

Our professionals are well-versed in developing high-quality mobile applications. Our services include :

Android and iOS Development

YeasiTech uses the latest efficient frameworks like the Google UI toolkit, Flutter, and React Native to create advanced apps for Android, iOS, and Hybrid mobile platforms.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Our specialists can develop high-performing applications with hybrid app frameworks that are feature-rich and cross-browser-compatible. Our specialists use HTML5 and JavaScript knowledge with React Native and Flutter to create hybrid mobile apps & Hybrid TV and tablet apps.

Cross-Platform Mobile Application

We have a solid foundation in web technologies like CSS3, JS, HTML5, C#, etc., which allows us to create cutting-edge, interactive, cross-platform mobile applications

Integration of Mobile Applications

With minimal IT infrastructure changes, we can connect your iOS, Android, or web-based mobile app to your ERP or CRM system


We gather the information, propose a solution, and start making a blueprint structure. Every page has a wireframe

services image | Yeasitech
services image | Yeasitech

What Makes Us #1 Mobile Development Company?

No matter how complex or diverse your requirement is, we will live up to your expectation. YeasiTech relies on cutting-edge technology in our application so that users get only the best.

    The Steps We Take to Create Mobile Apps

    YeasiTech customizes mobile app development to your needs. The strategic method contains several steps, all essential to giving life to your idea. Examine the framework which can be adapted to your needs.


    Exploration and Strategy

    The first step is to talk with you to learn about your app's intended purpose. It will help our developers to outline a strategy for the app creation that will fulfill your business objectives.



    Our designers will start working on prototypes and wireframes of the application based on the data gathered in the previous step. We try to make every graphic element tailored to your brand



    We carefully develop mobile applications with the right visual elements, enhanced scalability, and reliability. We adhere to industry-leading procedures for mobile app development to offer you the best service possible. Our team will contact you throughout the development phase to keep you posted.



    Our QA team stringently checks every feature of your app for problems and ensures it is free of bugs by doing functional, performance, user acceptability, security, and unit testing.



    We do not delay in final launching of the application. We cross-check every criterion of the concerned app stores and employ a devoted group of specialists who will handle this phase like a pro.


    Upkeep and Helping Hands

    YeasiTech will maintain and update your app 24/7 to correct bugs and add features. To ensure optimum performance of the application our team will constantly monitor the app and analyze the feedback.



    Your relationship with YeasiTech does not end here. We make necessary changes often to upkeep the smooth running of the app

    Create User-Friendly, Optimized, and Scalable Websites

    We carefully craft personalized, responsive, and high-quality websites for multiple industries keeping in mind the unique requirements.

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    Health care

    Our specialized team develops agile websites and software for the healthcare sector. We follow industry best practices to make easy-to-navigate healthcare websites and applications that suit every type of user.

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    We have expertise in creating top-rating web platforms that provide advanced security services to a large number of users. Also, we take care of the customized approaches to make these websites more reliable.

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    We provide skilled ED Tech websites and software development that will transform online learning models. Together, let's innovate education for better learning outcomes.

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    We also offer cutting-edge FINTECH online and software development, which will enable people to take advantage of your distinctive financial services. Thus, we create innovative websites for financial technology to increase your online success.

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    We excel at creating highly scalable, and responsive E-Commerce websites and software that will have multi-device compatibility. Thus, users will get the best shopping and reselling experience with your distinct E-Commerce web and mobile applications.


    The most popular languages for creating Android mobile apps include Java, Kotlin, Python, R programming, C++, HTML5, and C#. Swift, Objective-C, C#, and HTML5 are programming languages that power iOS mobile apps.

    YeasiTech ranks well among India's best mobile app development firms. YeasiTech is an industry leader in mobile app development and deployment, having done it for a long time. Our mobile app developers also offer post-launch maintenance to keep your app running.

    The complexity and number of features of a mobile app determine its development time. It takes less time to construct a mobile app with less functionality, but in general, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to create a fully functional app.

    After an app is developed and released, we offer support services, including help with upgrades.

    Having apps that are easy to use and can accurately predict what customers want will always benefit businesses. We staff our company with a talented team of in-house UI/UX Designers to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

    YeasiTech provides mobile app development services to multiple industries including, health, travel and hospitality, retail and ecommerce, Fintech, insurance, etc.

    We provide the most competitive range for mobile app development by analyzing your requirements, customization needs, etc. So, to know the actual pricing you can connect with our customer care executive.

    It depends on the versatility of your target audience, your business identity, and security policy, etc. However, cross-platform mobile applications are the most popular nowadays for their flexibility.

    To choose a mobile app development company you must check a few criteria such as the flexibility and transparency of the company, affordable pricing, fluency with the latest technologies, etc.

    Yes, we include every convenient feature such as location management, chatbots, voice recognition, push notifications, immersive experience, user experience customizations, etc..


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